I am very happy to announce that Core77 awarded SymbiosisS as a runner-up in Interiors & Exhibitions category.  

Next week (03.08. - 10.08.) I will be in LA with Eszter, presenting SymbiosisS at SIGGRAPH 2012.

Today I took one step closer towards finishing my PhD by giving a defense speech in front of the defense committee and the reviewers at the Design Museum exhibition. 
Nice and fruitful discussions took place.
Now remains finishing the writing. 

This image is taken by Annika Haas for a local newspaper at my studio a few days before the exhibition opening. What a mess and all these conductive threads around.. 


Here are some views of my exhibition at the Estonian Applied Art and Design Museum. As I have written before, there are various collaboration projects up there with Eszter Ozsvald and a small version of Voxels that are made in collaboration with Alex Dodge. The exhibition will be opened until the 17th of June. 

exhibition design by Ralf Lõoke and Neeme Külm
graphic design by Mikk Heinsoo
images by Anu Vahtra


On wednesday ÖÖ - Was it a dream? is opening in Helsinki..  I will share the images as soon as I arrive there. Many interesting events will take place during the week. Check out more information from here.. and here


I designed a special edition of bow ties for TEDx Tallinn. They're all sun sensitive and 100% silk. Magnets are used for attaching the bow tie to the collar corners. 
Only 20 items was made with 4 different characters.


On April 20th, my exhibition UUO was opened at the Applied Art and Design Museum in Tallinn. All of the SymbiosisO objects are presented there, as well as KO! products and a lot of stuff that was created during the development process.

 Here are some images from the opening. I will soon provide better views from the show and objects... exciting times.)

These lovely images are taken by Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo


Last week SymbiosisO: Voxel was presented at Tribeca Issey Miyake. ♥
I couldn't be there unfortunately, but Eszter and Alex were at the opening and I can see that it was a wonderful event. The Voxels look amazing... )
You can experience the installation until the 28th of April!!

See also
A Shaded View on Fashion by Diane Pernet
and Bullett

the video via Surface

Alex, Robert and Eszter

photo credits: GION


Pillowhugger electronics parts just arrived from the factoryyy,,, how beautyful they are
and extremely tiny
Thanks heaps to Jaan and Rasmus!

Please check out the developments of the SymbiosisO:Voxel
Soon to be ready installation in collaboration with SymbiosisO project and Alex Dodge.
It will be exhibited in April and I'm super excited about it!!
I will share more information in a bit...


We have a reason to celebrate! Today ÖÖ in London was opened and also our page www.k-o-i.ee is online since today....


KO! Lightning pillows will be part of an installation during ÖÖ: London Edition
It is an installation showcasing the work of three fashion designers from Estonia: 
Marit Ilison, Magnus Lõppe and Kaspar Paas. 

I will be there from 17th till 19th of February, but the pillows will be lighting up the space from 16th to 22nd of February / on 94 Berwick street, Soho.
Opening hours 11:00 -19:00


there we go...
pictures by Andris Feldmanis

KO! studio at night


A teaser of new Pillowhugger items
soon to be in London


Our special release SymbiosisC - part of the Rhizome Community Campaign has arrived the New Museum.

Pics by Eszter


This week I'm with the SymbiosisO project in Hong Kong, showing at the Siggraph Asia 2011 in the Convention and Exhibition Centre here.
Please check also the developments of the Heatit C board.

The Ambience11 took place almost 2 weeks ago. It was an inspiring and intense week. Here are some snapshots from the exhibition where SymbiosisW was present. 

Please also check out the Rhizome Community Campaign 2012 Limited Edition Artworks where our special release SymbiosisC is present.

And some talks about my work in Estonian local media.
Eesti Päevaleht with Ann-Marii Nergi
Eesti Päevaleht with Tanel Veenre.
Müürileht with Sandra Nuut.
and ETV with Marko Reikop


picture by Andres Teiss

I had this amazing opportunity to show my works through all times at the März project space this week. Will be there for the last day tomorrow and happy to tell about all the works. I will post some pictures on a sight soon..)


Now in New York, in the process of making new items for the SymbiosisO family with Eszteras well as working on the HEATIT!


SymbiosisW is now exhibited at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, as well as the Pillowhugger collection.

My new work UUO 6 is now experienceable in Kaunas, at the Kaunas Biennial, Gallery Meno Parkas. 
UUO (6) in Kaunas.

UUO (6)
A traditional textile in this case is hacked and cracked, so it is able to record and remember the surroundings, as well as memorize and perform all later on, using the sound that has a strong impact on the impression of the visual. The embroidered soft buttons can be used to rec, play etc. 

Material: wool, silk, stainless steel and magic.


Drying the new fabrics from the swamp.

UUO by KO!


The fabrics for the new collection are all dyed in our own little swamp

and coded in order to be found later on


the new studio


Pillowhugger will be in Frankfurt, Techtextil2011 
24th to 26th of May
pics by Anu Vahtra

Soon a new webpage k-o-i will be opened!